What do we do?

Community Conversations connects with local and national civic groups to bridge America’s growing divide and shine a light on the disinformation making it worse.  

Mission Statement

We are committed to addressing the growing civic divide that has left our nation more polarized than any time since the Civil War. This polarization poses an urgent threat to America that goes far beyond arguments at family dinner tables or bickering on social media. It puts our national security and the very foundation of our Democracy at risk.

By sewing disinformation into the fabric of our most personal conversations, our enemies are effectively exploiting, dividing, and distracting us from the real issues facing our nation and communities. That is why Community Conversations is a project for America. It brings Americans together to stop fighting and start listening because our country can’t afford to be pulled further apart. Our guiding principles are simple:


“Out of Many, One” : America’s strength is built on compromise and collaboration. We won’t all agree all the time. And we shouldn’t. But we firmly believe that we can have different perspectives, cultures and opinions while still sharing the beliefs and ideals that define our democracy.


America’s national security is threatened by this growing polarization, and the disinformation that exacerbates it.


By listening with conscious effort, expressing differences without judgement, and acknowledging our shared American values, we can move beyond the divisiveness that has damaged our civic discourse and remember what brings us together.

America is deeply polarized, but data clearly shows citizens and neighbors are hungry to engage one another and to find common ground. Community Conversations aims to provide that environment as well as tools to help strengthen and grow local connections.

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